Writing Philosophy Papers

Writing a Philosophy Paper: Dos and Don’ts
Checklist for Writing a Good Philosophy Paper
Basic Logic for Philosophy

LaTeX for Students

If you are a student who wants to learn how to use LaTeX (which is what I use to make my fancy-schmancy handouts), I have compiled a list of resources for getting started here. I also wrote guides on how to write proofs in LaTeX and on how to make cool diagrams.

Primary Instructor

  • Spring 2019: Puzzles and Paradoxes [syllabus]
  • Fall 2018: Topics in Metaphysics
  • Fall 2018: Introduction to Logic [syllabus]
  • Summer 2015: Introduction to Logic

Graduate Student Instructor

  • Fall 2017: Ancient Philosophy
  • Spring 2017: Theory of Knowledge
  • Fall 2016: Philosophical Methods
  • Spring 2016: Intermediate Logic [course materials]
  • Fall 2015: Ancient Philosophy
  • Spring 2015: Modal Logic [course materials]
  • Fall 2014: Philosophical Methods
  • Spring 2014: Philosophical Methods
  • Fall 2013: Introduction to Logic [course materials]
  • Spring 2013: Introduction to Logic [course materials]
  • Fall 2012: Calculus